Mistake #4 “There’s Only One Way To Solve This.”

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Once you’ve defined the real problem now, you can move onto the solution phase. “Finally!” I hear you say.

The temptation here is to get back to rushing around & trying to make everything happen fast. “Time is money,” they say, but in our experience, we’ve seen more money wasted by rushing the preparation stages than in any other.

Challenge yourself to think broadly about your solutions & to come up with several possible variations. Challenge the belief that “there is only one way to solve this problem.”

Depending on the technical requirements of your designs you may need to call in a consultant to test your initial idea & the designs that you have created.

Please don’t rush this process & make sure that the design team that you are working with can help you to explore the options that are open to you.

At Masters & Young, we have a specific process which we use for the design & development of electronic products & industrial solutions. It includes challenging our thinking & not rushing to conclusions.

If your design team can refer to your extensive research & consult the notes from your end user requirements, then a creative team (such as ours) will be able to give you various options for problem solving.

Top 10 Things to Remember

    1. Don’t rush this step
    2. Consult your research
    3. Stay open to new ideas
    4. Test everything against the end users objectives
    5. Encourage creativity in your team
    6. Be methodical & follow a proven process
    7. Record everything – you might take a step back
    8. Challenge your thinking
    9. Remember, early preparation is better that frustration
    10. Focus on solving significant problems

Take Away: Stay Open & Test Several Options to solving your problems.
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