PCB Design

PCB Designed with purpose

Custom PCB Designers

We can design printed circuit board assemblies that are fit-for-purpose. Our experienced internal team of design engineers collaborate with you to ensure your requirements are met.

Systems Engineering Design 

We take a systems engineering design approach so anything we design, can also be manufactured.

 In-house design engineers
 Prototypes & 3D renders
 Product concept development
 Improvements to existing designs
 Custom made test jigs
 Component traceability
 Full procurement management

Circuit Board Components

To ensure that you get the best quality products and that we use only the highest rated circuit board components, we employ obsolescence management, design casings, enclosures and cables, and adopt the best in firmware programming.

Obsolescence management

As part of any design solution, we also investigate the required components’ price, availability, and obsolescence. This helps to future-proof your PCB design and manufacturing processes.

Casings, Enclosures & Cables

We design and offer a wide range of enclosures and casing options to store and protect your assembled PCB, complete with cable harnesses.

Casing types include plastic injection moulding, designed in-house, folded metal and CNC machined enclosures.

Firmware Programming

We design software instructions for microcontrollers or microprocessors to ensure hardware performs its tasks effectively.

Our in-house programming team has considerable experience in firmware for industrial control, data acquisition, communications such as RF and Bluetooth and many more applications.

 Embedded C, Visual C++
 GCC, Keil, ST micro, Segger, IAR

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